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The first 50 seconds of Jazz-House-Fusion are awesome. It is clever, unexpected and interesting to listen to. The following sections falls back into expected territory. It is not bad but it is not very interesting either and the uniqueness of the intro section is gone. The following section is nice until the next chorus.

I think this track would have been great if you sticked to the intro theme a bit more and refrained from the piercing leads in the chorus.

Great job!

Excellent composition!

The music, lyrics and arrangement are great! The song is varied enough to be interesting throughout. The transition at 02:17 is a bit abrupt, but other then that the progression is excellent.

You nailed the old school sound and the production is good overall. I have some slight issues with the mix, though. It feels a bit as if the vocals are competing with the other instruments in some parts, especially in sections with harmonies. Maybe you could try to make a little more room for the vocals in the frequency domain when EQ:ing the other instruments. I also think that the song is a bit treble-heavy.
Nitpick: There is some high frequency noise in the recording early in the bridge section after 02:17.

Great work, keep it up!

JacksonTime responds:

Thanks for the input!


The main riff is catchy and the arrangement works. It would be nice to have a section with a different chord progression to break it up, though.

The instruments have a nice sound. The recordings are not super tight, but they do not necessarily have to be. The main issue with the production, in my opinion, is the drums. The arrangement is decent, but the drum samples used sounds really flat.

I feel that it could be really cool to put some vocals over this track.

Keep it up!

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